Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm kind of a grandmother....

Meet Tyson

Gordon Setter

Rescue pup

Spoiled rotten

The newly wed couple and their pup. 

He is loved by these two people puppy parents.

Loved enough

That they wanted him by their side as they vowed to be his parents and each other's best friends until death do them part.

He was well behaved. 

And oh so playful.

He cleans up nicely doesn't he (check out his tux)

Beautiful dog. 

Even sweet cuffs and cuff links

He got to play with the little peoples.

Sat sweetly during the ceremony.

Then rested while everyone else danced.

Please note -- he was not left in the crate for long. 
Once everything for the reception was running smoothly, Tyson got to go play with Rusty at Miss T's

He really is a great dog. 

He's my Grand Dog.
See I am kind of a Grandmother.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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