Monday, February 04, 2013


I love to crochet.

I learned how sitting by my Grandmother's side.

It is a relaxing activity for me. 

It brings back fond memories.

I am also a collecting genius (hoarder) .

The above blanket will eventually fit a double bed. 
There has been a joke that at the rate i'm working, it might fit a nursing home bed in time for using it.

It is all made with stash yarn. 

It is no longer a portable project. 

But it sure will feel good to have the blanket done AND the yarn out of the stash. 

I've been doing this and cleaning the studio. 

The latest portable project is a baby blanket.

There are lots of babies about to join our lives. 

A grandson joining Kris from bootcamp

A daughter to Mark and Jaimie

A granddaughter to Jean and Donald

A daughter to Sonya and Dustin.

Wow --- lots of work ahead for me. 

Oh - and since I am a collecting Genius, I won't have to buy anything for these projects. 

I'm also cleaning the studio --- like 5 trash backs full to the dumpster.
And some donations to various places. 

Yay me --- it is a Happy DO year.

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