Wednesday, February 13, 2013

all about love. A PINSPIRED PROJECT

Following Miss Molly's wedding, I suddenly found myself talking to other people about the DIY parts of the wedding quite often. I have not found myself in a quite unplanned wedding support role for others.

 A customer in my Grown up Girl job has asked for a few crafted items for his daughter's wedding.

I agreed to help her with "just these few" --- you know how THAT works.

The next picture has turned out to be the inspiration for one of those things. A rustic ring pillow.

Sure, I can do something like this.

Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

Well that "this" is 5 x 5 inches square. Yes I researched it and found the specs for the original

Then I cut and formed letters from grapevine. And I made this.

Well this is 8"x 5" and my sweet little bride thought is was too small. Lots of people have issues with real size interpretations.

So I regrouped and made this one - 8 x 8 this time. She loves this one.

I say all of that to say that the small one is now available for purchase. $12.00 for one rustic ring pillow.

Have a great day.

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