Thursday, April 18, 2013



When I saw this picture on Doni Hall's pinterest this morning, I immediately saw the following details ----- It's a dark night --- looking through old glass ---- see the canyon in the front. the trees up on the ridge to the right. The city lights off in the distance. Almost as if looking through a glass darkly. It fits me of late, I have spent hours looking out at the night. 

MaggieGrace goodies are happening. 

MaggieGrace is struggling on a very personal level. More to be said about that when the time is right. Please don't worry it's not a life threatening thing. Just heaviness. And fatigue associated with stresses affects me a lot. Those close to me know about it, but I refuse for that to interfere with loving life. 

MaggieGrace is working hard towards a goal she has had for many many years. 

I am leaning into the MaggieGrace alter ego part of Teresa as a sanity preservation role. 

The good thing is I have lots of MaggieGrace goodness to work with in the stash ---- 

I have several things finished and some things in process. 

I'll be doing a couple of shows in the fall and Christmas season. 

I'll be back next week - hopefully with some pretty pictures of MaggieGrace goodness.

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