Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Do Year Garden Baby Blankie

Hey there everyone, I'm still here.

Softball Season is upon us and with that comes "travel" projects.

I also have a plethora of baby/toddler gifts to complete. 

So I gave myself a "stash challenge" 

Make 7 baby gifts with out a new purchase of materials. 

I've completed TWO. 

(Disclaimer - my sewing machine bit the dust. I bought it 23 years ago for 79.00 and she has sewn many a fine seam. But I need a sewing machine so I did have to purchase a new one. I am not calling that purchase a failure, because I HAD TO HAVE a new machine)

Any way ----- Portable project process for baby gift #2.

Idea happens --- 

Gather a pile of supplies from the stash. 

Supplies include - a 30inx40in hospital heavy flannel crib blanket.
a Length of fun floral cotton
Some single strand acrylic yarn. (aka TINY CRAP)
crochet hook size 1
Blanket binding
embroidery floss

Tuck it all in a bag and crochet

Green circular doileys -  5 of these. I big bag of assorted flowers. None of the flowers are bigger than a quarter.

After I crocheted all these little bitty bits, I began stitching them to the floral panel with embroidery floss. First the dark green background.

Then I started planting the flowers, randomly. I sewed and sewed.

After several ballgames and evenings, I had my little garden. My favorite flowers are the puffy red ones. giving the whole thing a bit more dimension.

Lots of little two and three-round flowers. In several colors that I liked with the fabric.

Here is a view stretched out across my lap the night I finished all the hand sewing.

There is even a tiny little creature on there. Actually - this little lady bug is my all-time favorite feature of the whole border. I created him right out of thin air. No Pattern available for what I wanted - so i fiddled around until i got him like I wanted.

A Picture for size comparison.

This lady bug is tiny.

Here is the finished blankie --- I sure hope its lugged around and used a lot by a certain baby girl who will be here soon.

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