Wednesday, July 03, 2013

prep work

not glamourous.

but a required tool in my world

Patti asked if I would help the youth with some items they can sell as a fundraiser.

I said yes.

So I'm cutting mass quantities of paper for cards, tags, garlands, and that kind of stuff.

She asked if she needed to buy any supplies. That question caused hysterical laughter on my part. I got stuff. I will share.

I'll be posting my designs as I create them. They will be "kitted" for the kids to then assemble. Hopefully this will move things along.

Look for updates on this as I go.

Much love --- Teresa


see you there! said...

Kits are a great idea, the kids will be able to create more if it is organized for them.


ellen said...

Busy bee right here...those kids will have a good time.