Monday, July 01, 2013

yes -- the muse awake --

There was a lot of activity this weekend, but I did manage to get into the studio.

I have a baby blanket crochet project that is traveling with me and is almost complete.

But the box below is sitting by my chair in the house --- there will be another garden blanket to happen from some of this. (all thrifted crochet cotton)

I'm stash busting too and that includes planning and gathering for a Youth Work Day at Jones Chapel UMC.

The youth will be making cards and tags to sell. Fundraising for their activities. I'm providing the sample and making kits, trying to make the work day highly productive.

Then there was some heavy metal work too. Not really. A few spoons stamped (one has some custom wording and I messed the spacing up on it - three times - but that's what's called a learning experience)

I am quite happy with the ones using these love charms from Hobby Lobby.

It's good to have her back --- and to be making things again.

have a wonderful week.

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