Thursday, December 12, 2013

inspired - and given

So there are these friends.

New baby boy. (the baby brother of little miss rebecca - she is the owner of the butterfly artwork)

I needed a gift.

Happy DO Year underway.

Stash usage is a serious part of the DO idea.

And So here is the next giftie ----

I stalked mom's pinterest boards and discovered ------ the following pin was my inspiration

Miss Jill McDonald makes beautiful handcut illustrations that she then sells these wonderful prints of.

Being an artist myself, I twisted the idea into my own version of the artwork.

I knew little Chips' room was going to be blue, so I gathered several blue themed scrapbook papers and set up my CRICUT machine. I cut the letters - attempting to use a variety that I could mix and mingle.

I painted the background of my canvas pale blue --- latex from a miss-mix shelf at Lowe's.

After I cut my letters I randomized the lines and laid them out on the canvas.

I taped off the edges to keep my spacing fairly accurate.  Hours later, I had Mod Podged all the letters into place.

I peeled off the tape and decided it was a little bland for my liking.

So I grabbed some blue glimmer mist. Spritz away.

I then took my heat gun and dried the mist. (to keep the letters from peeling up at all)

I discovered that the ModPodge bubbled with the heatgun and it left this awesome texture on the canvas. (I call that kind of discovery a Happy Accident ---- although every now and then it can be an OH SH*&)

After the spritzing and blow drying - I sprayed the entire thing with clear spray sealer.

And called it DONE.

I love it ---- I hope mom and little Chip love it too.

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