Thursday, December 05, 2013

On wings of love.......

So I have lots of sweet littles in my life. 

Rebecca Peterson is one of them.

Several months back - little Missy announced to us that she was going to be a BIG SISTER. 

I stalked her mama's pinterest for ideas to make a gift for the new baby. 
(that post in a few days) 

While I was mulling that over, 
I started on a little giftie for Rebecca.
(BIG SISTER had to get a gift too) 

I sent her dad a text and it was determined that pink butterflies would be the ticket. 

I painted a 12x12 canvas green.

Then punched sixteen circles.

Some glue and patience later they are laid out on the canvas. 

Then I wanted dimensional butterflies and I had these great sequins in the right shape. 

I punched assorted paper ones too. 

I bent the sequins for dimension.

stacked them on the paper shapes
(see the beads) 

I strung the beads on light gauge wire. 

Wrapped to the back to secure.

Because I KNOW someone will ask, here's how I bent the sequins using the back side of my xacto knife blade. 

After making all the little butterflies, I moved them around and decided on the layout I liked.

If you are ever around me creating - there is that moment that I refer too as "look - it sings"

More glue - this time a clear drying tacky glue.

The finished artwork

I likes this one a LOT. 

The full front view. 

and ------ 

A sweetie little missy enjoying opening her present.

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