Tuesday, January 07, 2014

I've been waiting for many years for this......

Years ago I found a blog that resonated with me. 

A lady with an amazing talent for ephemeral art, crochet, and appreciation for nature, and for living a beautiful life. 

This lady has a wonderful name too

Margaret Ooman

you can find her here
or here

Anyway, back to the story. I saw a post on her website and fell head over heels in love with the idea. 
Now, she lives where it get COLD (as in -6 degrees C) and I live in the southern United States. 
There was an issue with completing this idea at my house --- it may get cold, but it often warms well above freezing during the day. 
So the artwork would really be "ephemeral" and vanish quickly. 

But not now.

We are having a huge freeze here in good old northeast Georgia.
It was 8 degrees F here this morning. and not going out of the 20's all day.
This was my chance. 

I took a pie pan. 
A crochet snowflake. 
Snowflake flat in pan. 
With the hanger draped over the edge. 
Sprinkle Glitter across the water. 
Sit outside. 
Go to work.
Come home to this.

Crochet ice sculpture. 

It makes me smile every time I see it hanging on my kitchen porch.

I'll be doing this one again "SOMETIME"

What do you guys think?

Happy Tuesday!!!

Life is very Beautiful.

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