Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Rustic Roots Cowl (Recipe Included)

I bought some gorgeous local wool yarn at a trunk show. 

One skein and I fell head over heels in love with the texture. 
It's spun from Gulf Coast Native fleece and has a bit of silk blended in. 

I knew immediately these skeins would become gifts for this past Christmas. 

I decided on cowls. 

Now this is a RECIPE ---- NOT A PATTERN

I started by measuring a favorite cowl I already wear a LOT. 

I then created the ribbing. CHAIN 8 - turn - skip first chain and then 7 SC - ch 1 - turn 
7 sc in the back loop only. 

Repeat until you reach the desired length -- it was 122 rows of ribbing for me. 

Make a loop and sew the ribbing into that circle. 

I then simply  HDC in the end of each rib. 

I continued this until I had "enough yarn for a crab stitch last row. 


This one is called Urban Camo simply because the grey/green feels like camo -- but the grey is like concrete. 

This is plain old HDC and I love the slight star effect this made while having a nice flat texture.

A close up of the border 

 My Sweet Abby modeled this one for me. 

This one I called the BLUEBERRY COBBLER one. 

It's a recipe --- after I completed the ribbing I used B.Hooked Crochet's Cowl pattern and made this one Bobble stitch 

I call this one the BLUE SPRUCE  - Made using the same bobble stitch.

I ended these using the camel stitch band. 

My oldest daughter is modeling both of these - 

There are more variations on these - but my friend asked for the recipe ----- 

It's crochet - It's how I relax - These will hopefully be used and loved. 

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