Friday, December 30, 2016

More Rustic Roots Cowls

Recipe is included in yesterday's post

These are the last of the gift cowls. But they are far from the last of the ones I will make. 

I am showing all of these, because the yarns are just so danged gorgeous. And I love the idea that all but one of these has supported a local farm and dyer. 

The recipe for the ribbing remains the same. 

This colorway is County Fair. 

It reminds me of all the lights at our small town local fair. 

It has always been a favorite thing to attend. For the fun, the music, AND the exhibits and competition items in that arena. And the 4H and FFA animals as well. 

For this one I used what I call a Pebble Stitch. It is nothing but alternating SC then DC worked in the round. Every now and then I would have to complete two of the same stitch to keep the texture "nesting right"

When I do these stitches I want a DC in the top of the previous row SC - hope that makes sense. 

These are cowls, they will be bunched around your neck, you will never notice those paired stitches. 

I am talking MINDLESS crochet here. I did most of these in the car, in the deer stand, or by the campfire. 

Exactly the same pattern but this colorway I called Wine Harvest.

These are such beautiful colors.

This is the same texture stitch - I did a few less ribs on the top so it fits a bit closer.

This color not as dulled as it appears --- horrid lighting for this one. 
The color is much better in the modeled shot you will see later in this post. 

Now for my favorite...

I learned this stitch in the process of making these cowls. This is actually the back side and it really does look knitted. And it is such an easy stitch to do. 

It is a variation on the half double crochet (US term) and it gives a stockinette looking stitch on one side and this stunning texture on the other --- will use this a LOT. 

The photo above shows what most people would call the "right side" flipped up, But in the cowl application this is fully reversible. 

The red yarn is by DREAMS IN COLOR YARN and the color is called Lipstick Lava. 

This yarn is fabulously soft too. 

Again I used fewer ribbing rows and the nature of the stitch pulls the fabric in a bit, so this and the next one are a closer and taller fit on the cowl.

See - I told you the recipe was foolproof. 

This last one is my favorite colorway in the rustic roots yarn. 

I called it RIVERSTONE. 

Each of these yarns is from a very small dye lot, So they are pretty much one-of-a-kind. 

This particular cowl is also the camel stitch ---- so it is reversible as well.

And you can see it did some very interesting pooling about 3 inches in. 

Just remember the ribbing is completed first and then the cowl body, So these are actually finished "upside down" 

So if the stitch look a bit funny, that's the reason.

There is the flip side of this one. 

Now - I do have one "TIP" --- these are crocheted in the round. That typically leaves an uneven spot on the ending edge. Here is how I blend it in and give a smoother presentation on the finish. 

I finish my stitching in pattern, then for three stitches, I use the next taller height, then work my way down in three or four stitch increments until I have completed three or four slip stitches in the previous row. This tapers to a smoother finish (see bottom right of above photo) 

This was 3 DC, then 3 HDC, then 3 SC, then three SS. (US TERMS) 

That may not be the PROFESSIONAL WAY, but it is my PRACTICAL way. 

Now some super pretty modeled photos. 

Abby in the Santorini Sea Cowl 
(think the iconic photos of Santorini, Greece) 

She actually chose this one as hers.

Abby in the Lipstick Lava Cowl.

She is becoming much more edgy in her clothing. I see the New York influence a lot more in her confidence and clothing. 

So proud of her moving up there and beginning her life there.

Abby in the Riverstone Cowl

Molly in the Wine Harvest Cowl.

Molly in the County Fair Cowl.

Those eyes people --- those eyes.

Molly has had a tough year and I am so happy to see the light returning to those eyes. 

There you have it. 

This years Rustic Roots Gift Cowls

Easy stitching, fabulous Yarn, Beautiful results. 

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