Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I double dog dare you......

So MaggieGrace (aka Mother Teresa) is struggling. What do you do when struggling, you send a text to your friend - Very Mary. VM - is a very good friend - and she instantly reminded me to DO SOMETHING DARING.

See we are doing this word thang every month. October's word was chosen by Very Mary and she chose DARING.

I don't do DARING well. I want to. I wish I could. But MaggieGrace is a pleaser. She really wants to fit in. She wants her kids and their friends to like her. She wants her husband to be happy. Work - let's please don't wear anything that might cause scrutiny or God forbid someone to think her overly sexy- or even comment in that direction. Oh - and mortification if by some chance the attire could be considered people of Walmart dot com appropriate. That just ain't MaggieGrace.

But I am a good sport and can laugh at myself. I also am taking this word challenge seriously.

So I have dared myself.

To be honest about how I feel - with myself and those around me. No swallowing hurts - no swallowing frustrations - no swallowing irritations. This has been traumatic for some - but hey - I don't feel like a doormat. Although - the handprints on the wall over the mens room toilets at work - those have been labeled my pet peeve and much joking and fake handprints have resulted from my inquiry about why men prop on the wall.

I dared to stop waiting. If I can handle it myself, I make one request of another party, then I will just do it myself. I quickly fixed the kitchen door lock myself after waiting for months and griping about it. A little WD40 made me and the softball princess so so so so so happy.

I am working thru the 31 days series with all the ladies over at Nester's place. This has been an awesome challenge - particularly the 31 days of grace posts.

Finally - on Saturday the Princess had a Region banquet. I was really feeling blue, so I DARED do something out of character for me. I put on a black skirt - a red sweater - very softball mom attire.

Then I added really fun - RED AND BLACK FISHNET STOCKINGS. The Man at My Address freaked. I wore them anyway. They made me feel bold. They made me feel like I was doing something rebellious. Dammit - it made me feel good.

I did not wear two different shoes - I was doing the which one thing here.

And today - I ordered some more fun hose and leggings from www.sockdreams.com

I DARED be bolder. I like this feeling.

Go over here to see what VERY MARY dared do.

Oh and it is my turn to pick. November's word will be GATHER.

I have a beautiful life.

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