Monday, October 04, 2010


I'm starting with a scripture today, but only because I got the massage loud and clear when I heard this one.

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning - the sixth day. Genesis 1:31 NIV

I'm working my way through the 31 Days series, not realizing when I started that there would be deep personal evaluations of myself. How do my habits contribute to the chaos in my house? That is a hard ass question. But deep within I know the answer. It is painful and it is personal, but I wrote it in my notes. And naming that demon has already taken some of its power away.

One of the 31 day series is on better photos. The pictures here are just me getting to know my camera better.

Auto Setting - no flash. Too dark. Look at how chipped my daily plates are. They also do not match. However, some of these plates were purchased and put in my hope chest one at a time through a grocery store promo more than 25 years ago. They have seen daily use for 25 years of married life.

Add a flash to auto mode. This is a better picture. And I wonder just how many meals those plates have seen.

Then I tried the upclose and personal auto setting on my handy dandy pocket camera. Blurry and grainy.

Then I changed to manual mode - Still need to work on this - but you know what - I'm learning.

Now back to that scripture - How many of us are worried about getting things perfect? How much stress comes from trying to keep that appearance of perfection? How many of us worry that when someone comes to visit - they will see the imperfections in our home? How many of us keep people at arms length because they might see the imperfections in us?

Go back up there and read the words again -- God made it and he saw that it was "very good". No need for perfection - if very good is good enough for God's own creation surely I will be ok not being perfect.

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I have a beautiful life and I am gaining on having a somewhat organized home. Wish me luck.

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