Wednesday, October 27, 2010

making things

I saw these over at Anthropologie. Fell in love with the idea of these. Especially the little scallops across the end. I have a pair of wrist warmers that Vallen sent me a long time ago. I have worn them and worn them. They are great. I wear gloves occasionally, but I like the open end of my warmers.

But you know how it is. I wanted to figure out some way to accomplish both. Wrist warmer - scallops. Thumb opening. but in crochet. I do not know how to knit.

Well on the way to Molly's crosscountry meets, I decided to figure something out. I had thrifted Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn in the travel bag, along with a number 4 hook.

I crocheted and took notes on a receipt that I had crammed into the cup holder in the car. How's that for true confession.

the notes read just like this 47 - 22 - 10- 14

means not one thing to anyone else. But here is the result

Each hand is a one piece construction from start to finish. I have changed the 10 to a 15.

For those who want to try these, here is the explanation - chain 47. then 22 rows of plain old double crochet. (determined by wrapping the block repeatedly around my own arm.) After 22 rows, I did the scallops across the end of one side of the rows. 5 dc in every other row end with a slip stitch in the alternating row end. Fold in half and slip stitch the side closed 15 slip stitches together - 14 slip stitches on just one side (makes the thumb hole) then finish closing the sleeve. At the end of the sleeve, I chained three and then did a straight dounble crochet around the end.

Here is the view of one one - sorry about the pictures - both of these pair left with college girl and I did not take pictures. She made cell shots for me.

Go back and look at that first picture - the Anthro glove. I put the scallops on the wrong end. But I still love these. As did Molly's coach and one of the other mom's - I simply handed these to College Girl and told her to give them to the two who requested them.

These are so very easy - and fairly quick. Like the beanie hats - I can make these up pretty readily. There will be more.

For those who need better written instructions - BellaMcBride sells some in her etsy shop.

The link goes to her blog - but you can link out from there.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Im gone for a few days. Softball Princess and her team are playing in the State Softball tournament.

See you next week.

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