Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Happy Wednesday All. There is a picture below here but we'll get to that in a bit.

Yesterday I said we would discuss the February word. MaryAnn got to pick. I love her, she knows this. She has been a rock and a light in my sometimes very dark and turbulent world. Texts everyday. Sometimes a lot of them. Sometimes a few. Her handwriting is part of what I look for in my mailbox. She inspires me. AND she pushes me to be better.

So I absolutely FREAKED OUT when my text came ----


I was "ticked off". Well my initial wording before the backspace key won the battle was different.

See - real forgiveness is hard for me. I get what the man calls "historical" and I can remember all kinds of screw ups from the 30+ years I have known him. This particular talent for recall is not limited to him either. If we have known each other long enough to have a difference of opinion and/or hurt each others feelings, I can and will use that in a verbal discussion - also know as a fight - or screaming match - or cussing fit - hello, I even slam doors.

This is not something I am proud of and at 45 I have learned to control at least the full blown display of this trait.

Even worse than all that - I hold myself to some pretty exacting standards and I get historical about that too.

Forgive - this word - it will be my most challenging one yet.

So there you have it - full confession of a month quite full of very difficult focus.

I'll let you know how this works out. There are some major ones that I really need to deal with --- we will see.

Now ----- about the picture below. Maggie Grace has not done a whole lot of late. But this picture has been in my notebooks for a long time.

Picture is from here.

There's a party going on here - and if you do not read The Pioneer Woman, you should. But that is not why I have this picture.

See those 4 squares on the wall - the artwork. LUV LUV LUV. I have right clicked every picture that I saw of those on her site. What the crap -----

I have zoomed in and tried to see them better ----- again what?????

4 squares of mottled color on a wall - I can't tell if they are paintings, photos, prints, I CANNOT TELL. But....

I can hack into the idea, right? That is what art is about, right?

I bought 4 canvases - smaller ones - retangular ones - cause they were on sale and I am cheap like that.

Last night found me digging color samples and scrapbook papers out as well. ( I know - why paper?) Well because I like words too.

My next MaggieGrace project will be a Pioneer Woman inspired group of 4 canvases labeled with the words -GRACE - FAITH - PEACE - TRUST.

I'll let you know how this works out too.

Have a wonderful day - how about share a link to something you find inspiring in the comments.

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