Monday, February 21, 2011

Love this .....

MaggieGrace woke up with me on Saturday morning. I have had the idea for a series of canvases for a long time. I posted about the inspiration here.

So for the last few days, I have been painting my canvases. The red, gold, and green are house paint sample bottles purchased from a big box retailer. The purple is left over from the softball princess room redo.

First I painted two coats on each canvas. Then I took a chocolately brown color and watered it down. I scrubbed - rubbed - blotted - streaked that over the back grounds leaving this wonderful mottled look to them.

I picked papers - for the words - faith lost out - but it will still happen on a different canvas.

Then I cut my words using my CRICUT. Love that tool.

Then I looked at another CRICUT cartridge listing that I had and found a medallion that I like.

Here they all are - paint still drying, but happy I was at this point.

After the paint dried - I broke out the Mod Podge.

Detail Shots - I did the MOD PODGE yesterday and will spend my week embellishing the center of the medallions

I think this paper is my favorite.

The purple is not a favorite, but it does work in the overall scheme.

The green background is my favorite - the mottled effect just makes me happy.

I already have an idea of where these will go. Can't wait to show you that - maybe I'll get to it by next weekend.

Here they are - partially finished - lined up on a piano that I would gladly give to someone if they would show up to get it.

I love it when and idea turns out pretty much like I picture it in my mind.


Oh and I spent 10.00 for the four canvases to do this - every thing else was in my stash.

In other exciting news - the weekend also involved tons of laundry - absolutely NO cooking - and a serious bathroom clean out. See my life is full of rip-roaring excitement.

Have a wonderful day.

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