Monday, February 28, 2011

fun stuff

Wow - we have had several gorgeous days here in northeast Georgia. Temps in the mid 60's and higher. Lots and Lots of sunshine. Beautiful weather. Today they are predicting thunderstorms, but that's ok - we need the rain.

Anyway - pretty weather means not much MaggieGrace goodies. Those activities have been replaced by ---

soccer games...

looking for the softball princess a car for a graduation present ...

sitting in the proch swing with a frosty adult beverage listening to the bullfrogs at the pond across the road....

and playing dresss designer with college girl....

Yup - dress designer.

She is making herself a formal dress. We are "engineering" a bodice. Based on a picture. She bought a pattern and cut out all of the pieces on Saturday. We gathered and pinned together a mockup of the bodice design. Then the frugal (CHEAP) people that we are started working on the embellishment ideas.

The picture below is the waist sash idea we came up with......

The gun metal grey fabric is what the dress will be made of. It is a gorgeous drapery lining fabric that she is using. The skirt is cut on the bias and so far it seems will drape really well. She is adding an overlay of black lace and then the bodice inspired by the picture she had.

We found some sparkly black trim and then the silver accent trim --- it is actually a Christmas tree trim. Told you we were cheap.

Told you we were having fun in this neck of the woods.

Health update. I had a routine doc visit last week, in my bloodwork (which includes some extra panels because of the kidney thing) they discovered that my Vitamin D levels were seriously low. The doc called me in a prescription for 50000 units of Vitamin D once a week. Hello - I feel so much better after ONE DOSE. That amazed me. According to the doc - the sunscreen that I so faithfully use could be part of the culprit. Seems the human body needs a certain amount of sunshine on unprotected skin to make the Vitamin D.

Who knew? Not me.

Anyway - I'm looking forward to the dress creation. Will keep you updated as we go.

Have a wonderful day.

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