Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I've been collecting fabric for years. I've had in the back of my mind that I would make a crazy quilt "someday".

I own a fabulous book on crazy quilting. I have looked at the pretty pictures thousands of times. and drooled over what MY QUILT will look like draped over the end of the bed. 

Yes - that quilt - the one I haven't even started. 

Then on my blogroll I saw a link to this online free stitch along class. The picture below is Sandy's picture from that class. 

I may not be inspired (right now) to start a quilt, but a cuff, well that is quite do-able.

So I gathered my fabrics. And following the really well written instructions, I pieced my foundation for the cuff.

Then I started following the step by step (clearly written instructions - Sandy is a great tutorial writer). Because it is the type of personalized project that allows it, I picked the parts best suited to what I wanted mine to look like.

There was coarse linen - some velvet - eyelet - even some loose woven damask type fabric. (Note - loose woven was HARD to work with in this manner.)

I then added pearls and teeny rick rack.

 Laces and trims and medallions. Some ribbon.

 Always some buttons and beads.

Metallic floss for a bit of sparkle. I cut four tiny hearts from a bit of lace and made a little flower..

Then I ran across this bottle ---- Now who would give me an empty whiskey bottle. Well - someone who knows that the etching on this from being buried would make me happy. (Discovered under an old house) The front of this is frosty looking from that etching while the back is clear.

I decided then - that this cuff would not be a bracelet for me - but would be a removable cuff wrap for my bottle. (another note - I can slip this off and wear it if I choose. I chose to adhere it to the bottle with double stick tape)

I finished the final assembly of this last night before bed.  Sandy's tutorial uses some glue, but I actually hand stitched every single bit of this.

The detail below is the center medallion of the cuff. Layers of lace - tulle - and silk flowers.

But I think my favorite detail is the tiny beading along this ribbon. So dainty and sweet in reality.

This is a wonderfully well written tutorial --- I'll be going back and making more of these.

Enough about that --- Here is my "cuffed" bottle. I have a big ugly pickle jar with some beads in it. I'm thinking this will be MUCH MUCH better looking on the shelf.

Please go see Sandy if you are interested in making your own.


i'm really happy with mine.

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