Monday, June 17, 2013


No, MaggieGraceCreates is not going away.

For many years now, I have used this as a crafty place and as an ongoing journal.

I am now attempting to grow the MaggieGraceCreates side of my life to another level so there are going to be a few changes.

First I want to say --- I am fine. Thank you ALL for listening to me through the ups and downs of my daily life.Thank you for your unfailing support as well.

And the journal postings will not be going away, they will just be located at another blog address. If you want to continue to follow those, just comment here and I will email you the new blog address.

Now for the fun parts of this. I am applying to be part of some design teams. Please send good vibes and best wishes for that.

I've been invited to some juried shows that I didn't even apply for (ego stroke there).

There should be more goodness here to show. More good news - more fun thoughts - more celebrations of beauty. Like those pretty roses above.

Basically, I want MaggieGraceCreates to be wonderful celebration and inspiration space. A place of recognizing the blessings of life. Because there are thousands of blessing to be celebrated.

I hope you guys will celebrate and grow with me.

Now about those roses.

I saw a fun little rose on the Faith Grace and Crafts blog. I have made the Irish Rose open ones for years now, but her little roses curled up. So cute. I made a comment and Sweet Doni and I emailed back and forth a few times. I asked her for a tutorial and she jumped in and created one. Plus, in what I have discovered as very common in the craft blog world, she generously sent me a couple of her little roses, so I could have a visual to work with too.

Then, there is another beautiful lady that I have discovered who makes beautiful nests .  I have linked via pinterest because these are a total surprise for her. But please go through the link and look at her stunning work. So when I mastered the little roses, I decided to make a big pile of them for her and simply send them to her. I made crocheted 50 of them in all kinds of rosy colors. Gathered up vintage lace into "leaves". Dug through the beads, buttons, and blings stash and added pretty centers. Confessions of a craft supply hoarder - this seemingly massive project has had NO IMPACT on the danged stash. 

But with all that said, every single moment of this project was relaxing and every single stitch contains a prayer.

You can find the link for the pretty little rose tutorial by clicking HERE.  Be sure and say hello while you are there.


So there you have it --- changes coming --- it's all good.

I have a beautiful life and I really want to live fully;


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