Friday, June 21, 2013

Snuggled Under Angel Wings.

As all of you know, I LOVE to crochet. 

It's portable. And if you choose the project carefully, it is mindless. 

And if your alter ego is MaggieGrace. And if the muse is ready to play. And you are stash busting. And you have baby gifts to make. Well you kinda go with the flow and respond to all of the above things. 


I had this idea.......partially triggered by a pin. 

I had this really pretty white yarn...... thrifted of course so there was not enough to really make something out of just yarn. 

So I sketched my idea and thought about it. I decided to use individual "feathers" for my wings. And a feather is shaped like a leaf. 


I made 20 feathers. 10 for each side.

I also made the center medallion (its an Irish rose)

I planned on this being a fleece blanket. I also didn't want the stitches to be "ugly" on the back side of the blanket.

Thinking again - I decided to make it into a one piece applique. So I grabbed a scrap of lace from Molly's wedding decor.

And pinned everything down in the shape of wings. This is not rocket science, I just "winged" it.

See the completely pinned unit below.

Then on a delightful early summer afternoon, I perched in the porch swing. And hand-sewed all afternoon.

(the medallion was in the way, so i took it off while I worked on the wings.)

After it was all stitched down, I trimmed it close to the edges. 

Then I attacked the blanket itself.  Let's just pretend this was a quick part of the project here (not even). I poked tiny holes in the edge of the pretty pink polar fleece. (note to self --- this cannot be done all at once. nope.)

Poke a hole - single crochet in the hole - chain one. Repeat - repeat - repeat.

After a full round of that, I then did two double crochet in each chain stitch. By doing two in each stitch, I created a slightly larger row around and that gave me a very gentle ruffle effect. (I'm loving this a lot.)

Just because I like this yarn I want to show you the close up. It's sparkly, but not scratchy.

I then  hand sewed the applique piece to the corner of the blanket.

Yes there will be a lot more of these. I really like the wing effect.

Now - I did not invent the component directions, so here are a couple of links for the components.

another note - she has a ton of great information on crochet - great resource for us hookers.


I really hope you like this -- I'm quite happy about it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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