Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept 16 Buy good tools and take care of them.

I started crafting with very basic tools.  And I still do a TON of my creating with those very same tools.

As I have expanded my creative horizons, I have added tools.

(Just so you know - the people at FISKARS  have not one idea who the heck I am. But their products are top notch)

That paper cutter has cut MILES of papers for my creations. I change the blades often and can highly recommend it. Here is what the pretty new ones look like. Also - if you cut a lot of paper like I do - they have a titanium blade for these trimmers.

Scissors  - the ones in the picture are plain old student scissors - again - I've had these for a long time. The colored handle means to all of my crew that these can be used to cut paper - There is also a ribbon tied on.

Now not pictured - because there is to be NO CHANCE of cutting paper with them and i was working with paper are my Fiskars fabric scissors. Those are ONLY used for fabric - and (pardon my language) there will be Hell to pay if I see them near anything other than fabric, thread, or yarn. I've even seen people put a padlock through the handles of their fabric scissors to keep that kind of thing from happening.

Now all of these things look super expensive (and it can be) but I have added and upgraded my tools a bit at a time - I watch fabric stores and Hobby Lobby and Michaels' sales - and coupons in order to buy things very reasonably. Then by taking care of them - I can really feel like I got my money's worth.

See good tools mean a happy crafter and that is a simple simple thing.

This looks like a late post, but I originally posted this from my phone and the posting failed.  Sorry about that.

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