Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 30 --- forward we move

Simply Simple September comes to a close today - My last little bit of simplicity is APPRECIATE ENDINGS.


Endings lead to new beginnings.

As these flowers hit my desk this morning, they came with the comment that "this is the last of them."

I have loved every single tiny mixed bouquet all spring and summer.

I have shared many of them on facebook and instagram.

I will miss them. But I appreciate every one of them (and the fact that the original bed was planted with the plan to share them with me). And I appreciate that October and the Fall season bring new types of beauty.

And opportunity for new beginnings.

As part of trying to post pretties and inspiration more often here, I'll be doing another series in October.

I've a list of words to choose from ---- I've decided to make and post a tag creation for every day in October.

By tags, I mean gift tags. Sarah Lugg art type tags. Tags that after I get them all made, I hope will have meaning. Tags that I hope will continue to spur on my creative muse. But here is the clencher ----- 100% stash created tags. 

I'll be punching 31 same sized ones tonight from cardstock in the scrap boxes. Then on Tuesday the October 1, I'll start the making ---- (there are a few road trips this month - but I'll make a little box of supplies just for those) 

I do hope some of you will play around -- Just like the September Project - I'll post here - facebook and instagram ----

Here's the instagram fun part....... I'm using a play on the word hashtag for my hashtag. 

All of these will fall under #stashtags (stash busting tags)

Now for a super long list of words to choose from (my choices are in all caps)

Again there are no rules --- it's just for fun - and to spur creative energy. I have NO IDEA what mine will look like -- I'll just respond everyday. I do know that my word will be a part of the creation. 

Please play along --- it will be fun. --- choose your words from the list or add your own. 

But please leave your link info in a comment and let us know where to find your fun stuff. 

Have a great. 

Appreciate Endings - Anticipate Beginnings.

CONTENT                        friendship                   COMFORT                   humility
serve                                  TRY                           LOVE                           JOY
blessed                               STRONG                  hope                              dream
WONDER                         faith                           thankful                          ENCOURAGE
GRATEFUL                      forgive                        PRAISE                        harmony
home                                 HAPPY                      give                               grace
family                                 PLAY                        dance                            journey
learn                                  BEAUTIFUL              smile                             LAUGH
rest                                    relax                           TOUCH                       believe 
CREATE                          PEACE                       PRAY                          INSPIRE
strength                             BLISS                         respect                         CURIOUS
care                                  BOLD                         read                              KINDNESS
apologize                          TRUTH                       brave                            HEART
focus                                 HELP                         courage                         STILL
special                              sing                              ADVENTURE             SPARKLE
improve                            enjoy                           work                             SHARE
excited                             sweet                           delight                           CALM

I randomly selected my words and as I was typing this list, I kinda wished I had made deliberate decisions about some of these. Oh well - the muse obviously wants to play. Now to decide which one is first. I may put them in a hat and draw them out for my "random order" list. 

Come on friends - choose - create --- share.

Links to all of mine 
October 1 - PEACE

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