Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gifts from the stash.

I've been steady working in the studio. 
Crocheting and working on all kinds of things. 
Some just could not be shared yet. 
(Trying not to spoil the surprises.)

This was one of them. 
Plus posting everyday for Simply Simple September has been easy and fun. 
And has allowed me to take a bit of a break on working up posts.

Way back here I talked about the babies joining our life. 

I also mentioned nothing would have to be purchased. 

Well - so far so good on that. 

I am one blanket behind. Little Eloise Ruth's blanket is NOT finished and she is here. But it is still warm weather, so I'm not panicked. 

I decided to do some words art for a few of our little ones. 
(the decision was made after "stalking" mommies to be pin boards) 

I have 100's of word art images pinned as well. 

And - I happen to have all the stuff to make these

So for Miss Kris' next new grand baby. 

I grabbed square canvas and painted it pale blue. 

Then cut my letters for an easily recognizable children's prayer

And because this is me - I used my CRICUT and the basic cartridge to cut these - I trimmed the "tails" off some of the letters. 

Mod Podge it all on the canvas and look at it and decide it needs "SOMETHING"

Go dig in the stash
(yes it is a seriously deep stash) 
And find a star shaped ornament.

Add lots of extra fine glitter to the star.

I also added a layer of metallic ModPodge in silver to the canvas. 
Because I like texture and depth. 

Here it is all glued. 

At this point I let it dry
Then Spray it with clear sealer.
An important part of the process in the humid south. 
The ModPodge can get tacky (sticky) in the heat and humidity and the sealer stops that. 
I just use a clear spray paint  top coat for the sealer.

Then pondered how to attach the star. 

A hole drilled in the edge of the canvas with a skewer glued in turned out to work best.
Then I glued the star to the skewer. 


Cute little boy artwork. 

(I'm kinda fond of texture of my studio siding too)

I also agreed to swap an ATC with Kim over at ArtJoyStuff.
I have not done one of these swaps in ages. 

I dug into a deck of vintage playing cards
and put this little art together. 

Go here to see what I got in return.

Totally different styles. But I think that is what the swapping of art is all about. 

I hope this finds you enjoying a beautiful life. 

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