Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I'm trying ..... and GATHER is the word for November

Dang it. Trying to get back to the regularly scheduled posting here. But things are simply crazed in our life right now.

Marketing at work.

Senior Athlete winding down a season. And ramping up for the next season.

College Athlete winding down a season.

Plus doctor visit after doctor visit - damn all the waiting.

The house has suffered tremendously from my illness and then all the activity away from home. On Saturday, I literally attacked the laundry mountain and it took ALL DAY.

Let's not even discuss the state of the studio. I kinda just close my eyes or turn my head when I go in there.

I pulled out of the Art Market because we were going to Memphis to see College girl run. Now it looks like we may not go. Oh well.

I did work my way through the Nester's 31 day series to a less messy nest. Interpret that as I read every post and made notes that pertained to me. Now to apply those notes in a real true life way.

Well .... I am starting to do just that.

See this armoire...... (sorry - cell phone picture)

It was FREE. God I love that word. It is in my dining room and it was full of junk. (ehemm - craft stuff) When I moved to the studio I left some CRAP in there. Then the man started his own junk (ehemm man stuff) stash there.

Sunday afternoon I pulled it all out in the dining room floor. I put the coolers in the shed. I sorted and put away the remaining man stash and craft stuff. Leaving me a box of soccer award balls and my CRICUT cutter. WHOOOO HOOOOO!.

Now I could follow one of Nester's suggestions. "Don't put things where they belong, put them where they go." See we pile coats in the kitchen - the dining room - the living room. Where ever they land as we come in the house.

So I added hangers - and I GATHERED all the coats and jackets that were lying around. Now there is a place for them in the room where we drop them.

There have been references to Mr Rogers and his OCD sweater thing. Got some smart a$$ people in my house. Bet none of you have those.

Slowly climbing my way back to the blog world. I miss you guys.

Have a wonderful day.

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