Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The guy on the left is Steve. (His son , Jay on the right.) He's the store manager where I run the showroom. While some consider us as equals on the chain of command, I call him the boss.

The boss is one of those sly - crafty - think aesop fables guys. Our store is full of fun and practical jokes all the time.

Well - we just finished a MAJOR showroom renovation and the boss and I had HOURS of working closely through the process....

Now let me mention - I HATE TO PAINT. I also have done ALL OF THE PAINTING associated with the renovation.

We have spent hours of this with me muttering about hating to paint. There is another coworker who dod not work as closely with the renovations. I have repeatedly said to the boss "I will not paint ______'s office unless I can paint it hot pink. However I will paint your office any way you choose." WELL................... early last week the boss comes to me with that crafty little smile and says "I know what I want in my office. A camoflage wall. " I rolled my eyes. To which he responded "need I remind you......."

Did I mention that I HATE TO PAINT? He handed me a picture and I researched and researched. Thus became the project known now as "3 COLOR DESERT STORM CAMO" I alos bought a hat at our local army surplus store.

I found bits and pieces of the pattern and put it all together in a sketch. Enlarged the sketch and cut a stencil out of poster board. Then the fun began.

Paint his office the same grey green that the other areas now carry. Lay off a grid pattern on the wall with chalk.

Look carefully and you will see the penciled stencil tracings. Trace it over and over with a pencil.
Then paint. And paint. And paint. (remember that HATE TO PAINT thing) Well ......

I really do not mind this kind of painting. This kind appeals to my artsy fartsy side. And I am somewhat accustomed to large scale background types of paintings.
It was quiet in the office - Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening. I found myself relaxed, happy, painting, and praying. I prayed generally for our armed service personnel. I prayed specifically for my neices husband - Kevin Lucas. I prayed for Steve's son, Jay. I prayed for my buddy, MaryAnn's, daddy - Bruce. It was a good way to spend that time.
And ta-da........

I hate this wall - it is so freakin' redneck. But I am pleased with how it turned out. Does that make sense? It is exactly as I planned it. It completed the full cycle of the project. It makes my boss regret coming up with a challenge he thought I would not complete.
Now I am off to be very very thankful. To spend time with family and other loved ones. To rest. To clean my studio. There will be no black Friday shopping for me. Just a restful relaxing long weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving ---- enjoy.

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