Monday, November 15, 2010


edit - to add - the link for the snowflake instructions

Nothing like a last minute decision. When we didn't go to Memphis this past weekend, I called Lannae and offered my help with the Madison County Art Market. Her response was "bring your stuff and set up a table."

I had not finished a single thing since I pulled out of this Market earlier.

So Friday night, I GATHERED a few things that I had made up. This was not terribly difficult, because I pack them in boxes and keep them together anyway. I loaded my table and a table cloth.

Then decided to made some of the complicated looking (yet very simple actually) paper snowflakes.

As I made them on Friday night, I hung them from my dining room chandelier. This will become more important later in my post.

I made some from an old music dictionary and some from hymnal pages. After finishing several, I cut the squares to carry with me and make more on site. (this was an excellent decision)

Here is a music note one. I sold every last one of these - quickly. I literally made snowflakes at my table ALL DAY.

The dictionary page ones were not as popular, but they did well too. I will be making more of these to sell, thus I will be looking for more thrifted hymnals. If I can find some bigger sheet music, I may offer some bigger ones as well - I made 10 inch ones and 8 inch ones this time. I also made a few 6 inch ones, they are a pain to curl and glue.

I sold out of soldered charms - and almost of spoon pendants. I also sold MAJESTY - my button angel. and several composition books.

It was a good show - even though I was far from ready for it.

Now onto the part about hanging the completed ones from my light fixture.

At some point during the evening, Dad let the monster below into the house for the night.

Dang - she's a pretty dog. Spoiled rotten too.

Well - she came thru the dining room door and screeched to a halt. Tilted her head up at the snowflakes dancing in the air from the heat blower, and proceeded to bristle from nose to tail and bark.

The heat would go off and she would calm down. Back on and the movement started and she would nut up again. It was hilarious.

Ok - we are easily entertained anyway.

This week finds me back in the studio - making some comissioned pieces from the Market and generally starting the replenishing of finished goods.

Have a great Monday.

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