Thursday, November 11, 2010

inspired - resourceful - easy

You never really know where an inspiration picture will lead.

For instance....

This bedding picture is hanging out in my tumblr blog.

I have been looking at the monster pile of fabric that I have managed to hoard and clipping ideas to use some of it. It is now cold weather so I was thinking a quilt would be quite fun to do. And I loved the colors. But not yet......


I did have this hideous gold frame that I took down in the showroom renovation. It has been hanging out in the way in my studio for a few months. (I really mean in the way because I had to move it to get to anything I needed off my main shelf) I had changed it from scary ugly 80s art when I redid some things in the sotre 5 years ago. I did that random woven ribbon over silk then - but it didn't work with the new colors.

I had moved it and moved it when it got on my last nerve the other night and I decided to "dammit do something" with it.

I stripped it of ribbons. Gathered a few things. Spray paint. Spray adhesive. Iron on hem tape (purchased WRONG by yours truly) and paper.

Using the same mat board - I figured a layout with my pretty papers. Attached them with spray adhesive. Hid some wonky seams with hem tape.

Spray paint the frame.

Reassemble and ......

Hang over my desk at work.
It is pretty and functional now -

Dry erase markers - mean it is a fab memo board.
Most definitely NOT in my way anymore.
Love love love.
See - I can still make things.

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