Wednesday, March 02, 2011


NOTE 1: I did this to myself last night. Jumping tires doing an obstacle style rotation at bootcamp. It is just a sprain. I clear the tire I was jumping - but screwed up the landing big time. It was not pretty and I now answer to the name GRACE. Then I picked myself up and dusted off my body and my pride and finished the workout.

NOTE 2: I ran every step of the running route tonight - every freakin' step. I am tickled that the vitamin d seems to be helping not only my energy, but my stamina as well.

NOTE 3: I met some wonderful people on Saturday at an antique mall. Emails have been exchanged and I have new friends. How cool is that?

NOTE 4: I have a smart phone - some days I hate it. However; I can upload and update and check facebook from that phone. Softball Princess has made that discovery too. So last night she asked to use my phone. I told her to wait until I updated my status and checked my notifications. Her response "Mom, that it the saddest thing I ever heard you say." My response --- LOL --- as if it were a word.

NOTE 5: I do not use text shorthand at all. I type all the words and try to use punctuation and correct grammer, but the predict mode on my loverly smart phone sometimes makes me cuss. Then I send texts that read like " love you not live you - damn predict mode"

NOTE 6: If scientists discover a link between Mexican food and cancer - I AM DOOMED. Same for dill pickles, olives, margaritas, and sweet tea.

NOTE 7: Today is Wednesday. The Man and I have fallen into Wednesday night being Mexican Night. So all in one day, I will enjoy each of those favorite foods on the list in Note 6. (I had a dill pickle and sweet tea with my lunch - the rest I will cover at dinner)

Have a wonderful day.

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