Monday, March 14, 2011

I am such a packaging fool.

Wow - we had a gorgeous weekend here in Georgia. temps in the 70's and lots of sunshine.

Friday night - soccer games - then some crochet time in the car while I was waiting for the College Girl and her boy to show up for a ride home.

Saturday found me running the top of Hartwell Dam. I had not done so since September, but I took almost 5 minutes off my run time - pretty significant for an old, fat lady, missing a major organ. Plus, I finished almost a half mile in front of the man (and I came from behind). Did I make sure and let him know just how I felt about this --- well - duh.

Saturday evening was a 50th birthday dinner for a friend.

Sunday was church. Then I got home and discovered a long and assertive cane from my climbing rose was invading College Girls parking place at the house. Seems the cane and the associated thorns were regularly attacking peeps getting out on the passenger side of her car. So there I was in my church clothes, pruning shears in hand, pruning roses. This led to pruning crepe myrtles. Then to pruning the Eucalyptus tree. ALL IN MY CHURCH CLOTHES. craziness. Mom was on a roll.

It was a great weekend. For all kinds of outdoor activity.

But about the title of this post.

I love great packaging. Especially packaging that I can reuse. And sometimes a surprise package will make me giddy with absolute "OMG that's awesome" delight.

We ate lunch at a local meat and 3 place called the Tanner House. I ordered banana pudding for dessert. Then I asked for it "to go". Did they bring me one of those horrid styrofoam containers of banana pudding. NO NO NO ---

Just look how my to go order was packaged.

A cute little mason jar complete with gingham print lid.

Poor Hubby - he just looked at me with that "deer in the headlights" look familiar to bloggers everywhere - as I whipped out the phone to take pictures of said little jar.

Please tell me that at least you guys understand.

Have a wonderful day.

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