Monday, March 28, 2011

Better than Planned.

Go here to see the first phase of the tv cabinet story. Then here and here to learn more about the four pices of artwork. I finally finished those four word canvases. I had a blast digging through bits and bobs looking for just the right accents for the silhouettes at the top. I will apologize for the picture quality. It is storming here and has been for a few days. But hello, I needed to make some sort of post. Truth be told - this on is probably my favorite. Why? Because the duck clasp came from a watch I remember my Daddy wearing. The little pendant I picked up in a parking lot somehere. And this bit of chain is from an old cheap necklace in the "metal bits" box. This fits in with the challenge to USE THE BEST STUFF.
This ones' finish was the source of much debate.

I thrifted a decrepit Bible (actually came from the FREE bin) and waffled back and forth about cutting the pages. Note the Bible is falling apart already. It is water stained and several pages are loose. I decided to simply cut a small piece of the Harmony of the Gospel section in the back. So I held my breath and I cut it. Then I turned it over and discovered that the word Easter was centered perfectly in my belt buckle doodad. Happy Accident.

What is so amazing about Grace?

The little brass bit looked like it was black when I got it. It is a column from a German clock. One of those that was under a glass dome. I snagged the remains from a dumpster at Habitat ReStore because I saw the guy toss it and I wanted the porcelain face. When I polished the piece - this wonderful vine pattern was what I found. Love this one too.

Then Peace.
I like this one - it adds to the look of the entire set. A lock and key charm from a junk bracelet. and a vintage button.
Here they all are together. The set makes me so very pleased. These are mine - all mine and here is what I did with them........

Two on either side of the newly black painted tv cabinet door panels.

Now people -- I do not know about you, but this view is so very much better than it used to be. I hung them with Command adhesive strips.

This turned out to be so much better than planned.

Now tonight will find me working on the overskirt for the prom dress. Prom is in two weeks. I do not want to be trying to finish that dress on the day of......

Happy Monday.

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