Friday, March 25, 2011

the tv cabinet.

We must be the last people in the USA to not upgrade to a huge flatscreen tv. But we don't think there is a need for that expense at this time. So our older - tiny little tv fits our cabinet just fine.

The cabinet is made from a cedar armoire. Now do not freak out - this was a free cabinet and the door panels were busted when it showed up on my front porch a few years back. Yes - just like a stray dog - the dang thing was on my front porch when I came home one day. Cool in and of itself.

At the time, the Man at my address converted it using shelves made from recycled wood and trim we removed from our house during the remodel. I took the broken panels out and replaced them with luan (a really thin plywood like product.) I put bookshelf wallpaper on the front of the panels and painted the inside white. In THEORY, we would keep this closed and the pretty "bookshelves" would be seen.


Then dang thing stays open all the time. Just like this........

Saturday - I dragged all the crap out and cleaned it. Straightened the stuff inside. And decided to go ahead and complete a project I had been PLANNING on doing for weeks. Actually years.

Now you guys know me - I am all about the right tools - (insert hysterically appropriate commentary here).

I grabbed a hammer and a prying device ........ yes that is a flat blade frosting knife from the kitchen drawer.

And I set up an appropriate painting table on my front porch. Yes that one is a bar stool.

And this one is a porch rocker.

Don't judge - it worked just fine.
The result - a much nicer look for the cabinet door when they are open. There is even more PLANNED for these now almost always open doors.
Even cooler - I used things I already had. No money spent. WhoHoo.
Stay tuned......
Update for some faraway friends - yes, I work in Athens, GA. Yes, there is a cop killer on the loose. The main focus of the search is focused in the area around my work. Most of it less than 5 miles from us. It is an uneasy feeling to be so close to the focus area. All of us will be very relieved when it is all over. But please friends remember the Officer Buddy Christian family in your thoughts and prayers. He leaves a wife and two small children. Funeral services will be Sunday.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

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