Friday, November 18, 2011

hey ya'll - it's the weekend

I've got a full schedule myself. Tonight there will be frosting made and some seriously good baked sweet potatoes for dinner.

I'll also be pondering exactly how to do all of the background stuffs for this.... 

My booth space at Junk in the Trunk. The new Antiques/craft mall on Olympic Drive in Athens, GA. I committed to a 4x6 space. I have some rusty tin and plenty of craft paper and book pages and I am thinking that will be used on these walls.

Stay tuned, I'll be updating on that new venture here, regularly.

I'm off to Chateau Elan -- EARLY in the the morning for a fundraiser 5K. See the elevation in this picture - Seems the last 3/4 mile of this run is up this LOOONNNGGG hill. But just look at the view we will have as runners.

Then I'm off to get ready for this concoction to be dinner --- Low Country Boil with a group of friends.

 There will even be a drive on what is know as the "dirt road to heaven."

Saturday night's dinner gonna end with some of this - Fresh apple cake. I simply cannot wait.

Sunday will include church nursery - then a nap - then actual work on the booth display materials.

Yup --- full full weekend.

Hope yours is wonderful too.

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