Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Thanksgiving Month

It's November - wow. As we speed into the holiday season, November shows up with beautiful colors and wonderful foods and celebrations of Thanksgiving here in the good old USA.

I'm going to spend my November recognizing some things that I really am thankful for ---

Starting with this -----

I love coffee - however; I rarely made coffee at home because no one else loved coffee like I do. Then I was gifted with this beauty.

That's a Keurig Mini Plus single cup coffee maker. I cannot express how much I love this. It was my birthday present. I now say ALL the time. I LOVE MY COFFEE MAKER.

Hot chocolate - no problem - daughter uses it for that.

Hot tea - got that one covered too.

Plain old coffee - yes - I keep the Millstone Coffee Breakfast Blend for that.

But I do have an absolute favorite. It's....

Wild Mountain Blueberry from Green Mountain Coffee. Wow. Love this stuff. Just enough berry flavor to make me a happy girl. It is rather difficult to find locally, so when I do, I stock up. But you can order it directly from Green Mountain. Being a true southern girl, I'm also going to try their Southern Pecan as well.

I'll brew a big cup - add my creamer - grab a blanket - and head for my porch swing. What a great start to my day.

Just so you know - None of these folks have any idea who I am nor do they know that I am seriously in love with their product and singing their praises. I'm simply sharing this because I am so very thankful that I was gifted with this coffee maker. I am also celebrating the way a nice cup of coffee adds beauty to my life.

Have a great day --- why don't you help me celebrate some things this month.

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