Wednesday, November 09, 2011

let it snow ....

Go here for more info including a link to the tutorial I used.

The prep for my art show continues. I'll be ready just in time. Isn't that always the way it works.

Here's the latest of the items......

It all starts with the visits to the thrift and junk stores. I poke around and poke around and buy up things that I plan to work with.

I love paper - old paper ephemera - books - stuff.

I also love the internet - and all of the inspiration and instruction available there.

I learned how to make these in a tutorial I found online. I have LOTS of old paper. So here we go.

These pictures are of the huge batch of these I (we - I had help) just finished.

First - I suckered the help into cutting an entire Baptist Hymnal into 4.5 inch squares.

Then fold all of those in half to make triangles.

Repeat - Repeat - Repeat ---- until you are simply sick of it - then finish the last of them. (note the baby wipes are what I keep handy for wiping glue stick off my fingers.

Then you cut and twirl. Cut and twirl. Cut and twirl.

Again repeat repeat repeat. Think you are all done. Fine ONE more stack of those danged triangles. Say UGLY words. Repeat repeat some more.

Those nice little folded triangles fluff up and become ------ this.

Big piles of this. Like boxes and baskets full.

Then - if you get really really lucky - some one will help you glue and glue and glue all those little twirls into snowflakes and pile them on top of the spoiled dog's big old crate - and the desk and the sofa. You get the picture.

 At the end of all this repeating - and smoke breaking - and coffee and Coke drinking - and laughter (never forget the laughter) - you will see several of these.....

So - if you are in the Danielsville, Ga area on Saturday, please stop by the old courthouse on the square. I'll send you home with one of these for a mere $7.00.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

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