Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Show time.

Friday night found me doing final prep for the Holiday Artist Market.

It was a really long long day and evening.

A minor little twist on Friday evening gave me a wonderful helper.

Luke came to hang out with me -

We made signs. He helped place things on my mock up display.

 He even came back on Saturday and helped and hung out with me ALL day. We had so much fun.

Mind you it was 29 degrees F when we were setting up on Saturday morning. But he didn't complain.
Later in the day - several of my Sunday School kids showed up and they all played in the crepe myrtle tree. I know several kids who slept really well on Saturday night.

My spoon pendant display was made from the lid off an ammo box. Now - I had great help adding those tacks across the top. Gave Luke the hammer and he hammered while I held the tack with some pliers (finger protection). I am a firm believer in enabling kids. Yes, often it would be SO MUCH QUICKER and maybe even SO MUCH EASIER to DO IT MYSELF, however allowing a child to take ownership of part of a project is way too important to geve into the other feelings. I try really hard to never use the phrases "that is the wrong way to do it" or "you didn't do it right". If there is danger in the way something is being done, simply show them the "better" way.

Kids need to be involved. Kids need to learn to do things and they can't if the adults in their lives constantly get in the way. Kids also need to climb trees and run laps and swing on a rope and roll around in the dirt. They need to make messes and clean them up and they need to learn responsibilty for how to accomplish things, from planning, to processing, to completion. As adults we are to make all that learning fun.

Now having Luke to help was so much fun for me. He was eager to help, he listened and followed directions as we did things. I got to play. He got to help. and I got to see the expressions on his face as he learned and accomplished things.


I'm hoping I get to spend a lot more time with that kid.

Now more show pictures - I had a 10 x 10 space, but I only used part of it. Here is my display.

The painted nativity scenes were the popular ones.

I still like the stained ones too, but in the future the painted ones will be the production ones.

My friend Marilyn posted a picture of hers. I love the quilt hanging in the background.

I had a very good show. Now to decide how to complete my new booth display at the antiques/handcraft mall across the street from the store.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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