Friday, November 11, 2011

Where I was.......

I haven't posted a BootCamp update in forever.

I have let some unhealthy eating habits slide back into my life since my surgery last spring. Partially because of one of the lifestyle rules -  No artificial sweeteners. But I am still exercising regularly and I have not gained any of my weight back. Haven't lost any more - but still.

I am much more able to run distances now. My 5K time is still much like the plodding of a tortoise, but hey, I am out there and i just keep doing it. I say - I am doing better than that person sitting in front of the tv.

The time change has made it difficult to get the long runs in. We use a cross country trail at a local private school. I have purchased a lightweight LED light wand. Last night I tested it. Carrying the light like a relay baton was very effective and will allow me the ability to continue my running.

I use my smartphone as my running playlist.  Pandora is my choice for variety - last night I set it to the Drivin' and Cryin' station and left out. As I emerged from the woods and started across the first field, I noticed the moon - oh how stunning - so I planned a stop on top of the dam at the lake. I snapped that picture with my phone.

It was a beautiful run. Crisp fall air. Clear sky. Full moon reflecting off the water. Breathing just right. Mentally let the junk of life go and just put one foot in front of the other. I have discovered that I really do like to run.

I am not sure when it happened because this is how it used to be.

I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for the fact that great medical care was available. I am grateful that I didn't die from an internal hemmorage. I am grateful for the tiniest things. I am grateful.

I am grateful that I have now decicded that I do like to run.

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