Friday, February 03, 2012

gifts and gratitudes is closing. Craziness. But I discovered and I think that one will be my go to  replacement FREE online editor for now. They have some neat effects.

This is an edited photo of a page bit from my GIFTS AND GRATITUDES 2012 journal. I have chosen those as my words this year. And right now I am assembling quite a few records of those words.

Funny, I make altered composition books to sell. I have all the stuff to do just that and I have chosen to carry an unaltered, plain, black and white, composition book. I picked it up from the stash and fully intended to alter the cover, I even selected the papers and such.

Then I started recording - and never got around to it. (similar to the mechanic's car and the cobblers children's shoes I guess.)Now after thinking about it, I probably won't alter it.

I like that it appears unassuming. Not calling attention to all the beauty that it contains. And it really does have a huge amount of beauty in it. Tiny little beautiful moments. Moments like Cheddar biscuits - yes at that moment I was thankful for those. Not really just the biscuits, but the fact that at last I made a freaking biscuit that really was edible. (ask my family - they can explain why that is a really big deal) I was also sharing those biscuits with some beautiful people that I love so very much. so those two little words are a tiny record of a wonderful thankfulness.

I am recording three gratitudes every single day. There are clippings and cards to be taped in. I may hand it off to someone to add a "Guest" gratitude occasionally. It will be fun at the end of the year to have a journal with nothing but beauty reflected.

Now you may ask about recording gifts - one will be recorded each day. A record of something I INTENTIONALLY gave. Not to track it for recognition - not for pats on the back - not for being able to say "look what I did". Not for any of those kinds of things. Just a reminder to share those blessings with others. Just to remind myself that no matter how tough life gets, I can intentionally give to others with my time, my prayers, my gifts, and my service.

See this little book with have NOTHING UGLY in it at the end of the year.

How is that for a WOW moment of recognition.

Life can be full of ugliness. Full of negative things and moments. Intentionally looking for ways to be grateful and to reach out to others, intentionally focusing on being thankful changes our perspective.

Intentionally focusing on gifts and gratitude changes us.

I look forward to being changed.

It's not too late to start your own journal --- how about you join me.

How about I send an altered composition book to the first three commentors on this post? ANd I'll make the very first entry in each one --- by being thankful for you all.

Have a marvelous weekend.

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