Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Junker Heaven

Saturday started out much, much better than the middle of the day became.

We jumped in the truck and took off to Carlton, Ga.

Mind you, I have lived in this neck of the woods for some 26 years. Carlton is (maybe) 15 minutes from my house. But it is on a section of road that I rarely travel. On the way there, we hit a few dirt roads and found the old grist mill (now turned into someone's home). It was a trip I will now make regularly.

Mind you I could have taken hundreds of pictures.

NOTE - this place is for junkers. It is NOT an antique mall type of place. The stuff is dirty. Rusty. Piled. Stacked. Dumped. Tucked. Scattered. It is also REALLY REALLY FULL of treasure and tidbits.

Just look - that chest just to the right of those people -- that is a tin ceiling tile tacked to rustic wood. UH - HUH load it up please.

 See what I mean -- rusty old cut nails.

Want old house parts?  Got it covered. The proprietor takes apart old structures and salvages these parts. LOTS LOTS AND LOTS.

There is even a complete old bank window enclosure with a safe. 6000.00 --- it would be perfect for sectioning off the kitchen in a loft. Now that would be an amazing space.

Boxes of stuff (these are ceramic insulators) to dig through.

 Hardware - yes.

Light fixtures - yes.

Paper stuff - yes

Tools - yes.

I had never seen a Flax hatchel. He has not just one - I saw two.

Old clothing - yes.

There is a dedicated section (store) for books.

Furniture - that too.

Now, those who know me well, are aware that I adore primitive wooden boxes, shelves and such. Upon entering the first section, I spotted the one thing that continues to haunt my thinking. I didn't buy it even though it was well priced. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I WOULD PUT THIS, BUT I AM SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH IT.

An old WOODEN post office section.

Just look (converted to dream state at )


What did I come home with???? A quart jar of buttons - Well worth the ten I paid for it. and this......

An entire enamel dishpan of knives, forks, spoons. There is junk in here - but there is also some serious bracelet making treasure too.

I am going back and planning to make it a major time wasting kind of trip.

Anybody else?

Have a great day.

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