Tuesday, February 21, 2012

notes on an eventful weekend

Warning - This begins with a bit of a rant. I have serious issues with irresponsible people. Much of it is learned behavior and really to me stems from complete disregard for authority and a lack of respect for anyone.

On Saturday, I was the passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident. A serious accident. One that could have resulted in much more devastating results. A young couple, not from our area, saw a stop sign too late (one that is easly visible for at least a quarter mile) and skidded into the road in front of us.

Once everything stopped, I was convinced the injuries would be devastating.

This is the vehicle I was in.

We were only driving between 45 and 50 mph. Well within the speed limit. The reaction was to try to get behind the car coming into the road. This resulted in a corner hit by us but the impact was still centered on her car.

Leaving it looking like this......

I called 911 - we jumped out - upon seeing that the young lady was trapped we start dealing with her passenger who wants to move her. There was no gas spill - no smoke - no danger - so to avoid possible spinal injuries, we convinced him to just comfort her until the responders arrived.

She was injured, but has now been released from the hospital (a fact that I am thankful for). Neither of us was injured in any way.

As the responders and officers arrived - I start taking in details. There is no tag on the car. (I searched the area looking for it being knocked off - nope) This was a Nissan Maxima. The officers started searching for details -- finding a tag in the rear window area they ran it (it came back belonging to a Ford Escort). Then they ran the insurance cards (they came back as invalid). Each of the individuals had a police record. And on and on it goes. Multiple prepaid cell phones were found in the car. Along with an AA record for the young driver.

Fact is - now the driver of the vehicle I was in has to pay his deductible for repairing his vehicle. He has to be out of a vehicle for however long this takes. He has to pay his towing bill. His insurance will incur the initial hit in the coverage and have to sue the owner of the car for getting that money back. There will be increases in the premiums because of this fact. A complete lack of respect for the laws of the state will result in more issues for everyone. A complete lack of self respect will result in long term issues for the young lady involved.

I am angry ---- I am annoyed ---- I am tired of losers causing issues for everyone.

Now --- soapbox rant all over.

There was some fun stuff over the weekend. I found my kind of junking heaven --- More on that in a later post.

And I finished something ------

My College Girl is modeling some fingerless gloves. I made the pattern up. They are long and skinny like the arms they are designed to cover. But the pattern can easily be made for more "normal" sized arms or even for "fat" ones like mine.

 These are a warm and yummy chocolate brown color. (they actually match a cowl I completed earlier).

I made them extra long because gloves and such are never long enough for her.

Unfolded, they almost cover her fingertips. I am loving the little scalloped detail around the end.

They also fold over nicely. She immediately folded them because that's the way she liked them from a looks and wearing point of view.

Notice --- The really gorgeous dragonfly was painted by Perry McCrackin, an Athens, Georgia artist. I love Perry's work.

Now if anyone is interested, I will post a tutorial / pattern for these. Just leave a request in the comments.

Have a wonderful day.

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