Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Trash or Treasure

Funny even Tipper has been talking trash of late.

Not only did I score big on that shelf Saturday, I found more treasure. (maybe it really should be referred to as trash) WHATEVER.

The cedar Christmas Tree trimming were still on my front porch and, while I had people there, we decided to haul them out the the tree line. As I was tossing them onto the pile, I spotted what looked like a galvanized bucket out in the woods. Next thing I knew, two of us were digging in an old trash pile. YES - you heard that right - digging in a trash pile.

Old cans, rusted into a crunchy mess - buckets - bed springs - and glass. Lots of bottles and jars. I dug a huge armload out and brought it to the house. I'll clean them up as much as possible and be featuring them along, but here is my favorite.

It is a Gordon's London Dry Gin bottle. The bottle is cool on its own. No chips or cracks to be found, but my favorite part is the moss and ferns growing in it. Seems conditions were good for a naturally occurring terrarium. It sits nicely on flat surfaces. I'll keep it sporadically watered and hope for the best.

Of course "I have GOOGLE and I am not afraid to use it." So I googled said bottle for information.


1. In the UK, the bottles are green. Clear bottles like mine are "import" designation.
2. My bottle says LINDEN on one side and NEW JERSEY on the other.

(see the block text on mine)

3. The logo mark on the bottom looks like a wolf and has 56. Actually it is a wild boar's head and the 56 is for 1956.

4. The bottle itself has some value. I found the one pictured below on ebay -- dry gin bottle. 9.99 will buy this very cloudy one. You can see how cloudy in the second picture.   Mine is completely clear - no hazing at all. A light green (UK) one of the same era is valued at 45.00 I could not find any good quality clear ones valued at all.

5. The trademark is listed as DEAD at  It was registered in 1982 and cancelled in 2003.

I give these facts just because I think it is fun to learn stuff.

I really won't consider selling this bottle - unless the danged moss dies (insert giggles here).

I more than likely will keep this and add it to the stack of other really cool crap I have at my house.

Or like my mama might say -- I'm giving my children a whole of of trash to go through when I die.

What do you think ---- is this one in the TRASH or TREASURE category?

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