Thursday, February 02, 2012


This man is my friend.
I am so thankful I have had an opportunity to have him in my life.
On Tuesday, he suffered a stroke.
His speech is affected.
Swallowing too.
Walking, balance, all of that.
His sense of humor remains well intact.
He is still teasing me.
Calls me the "hard-headed one."
That will be "the pot calling the kettle black"
The medical part of his care is stable.
The hard parts start now.
He learns to talk again (we hope)
There will be speech therapy.
He learns to walk again (we hope)
Physical therapy.
He learns to eat real food again (we hope)
Supervisors will monitor all eating and drinking.
He regains an independent life again (we hope)
Occupational therapy.

For now we pray - we encourage - we help - we learn - we love.

Most of all -- we are reminded that life is very fragile.

Live fully.
Count the blessings.
Love hard.


Please, if you will, pray for my friend Dorsey and his entire cast of characters (family and friends).

and by all means - tell yours how much they mean to you.

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