Wednesday, March 21, 2012

about the linen

The linen I showed you yesterday was left from a long long ago work project. We were doing a huge mural for a trade show and need to paint the mural on art canvas. We could not find one that was pre-primed with gesso, so I searched and found the tight weave linen at an art supply store. We mounted the lined to our backdrop and I snagged the trimmings (imagine that)

Fast forward 21 years and I have a more clearly defined "creative style" that includes the natural colors and love of texture that the linen has. Plus I have a tiny little booth at a shop here in Athens, where I sell junk finds, some vintage stuffs, and my creations.

These creations include the silverware bracelets and collage spoon pendants.

Well, I have had the bracelets simply lying on a tray and well, seems losers are everywhere, so I have had a little issue with the ease of people being able to simply pick them up and walk out with them. So I start pondering..... and searching. and I find bracelet displays like the one pictured below.......

Ok my friends --- does that "look" like "me"....

I'm thinking absolutely not.

I work in a plumbing store --- and well ---there is access to  plumbing pipe fittings. I mention an idea to the Crusty Old Guy and the next morning, a really pretty (insert rolls eyes and sarcastic tone one the really pretty) stand appears on my desk. PVC PIPE - ELBOWS - TEES - CAPS are not all that attractive.

(If you don't believe me crawl under your house with all the spider webs, snakes, and those camel crickets, and take a look)

The idea was perfect in theory, but how to make it look like my stuffs ---- hmmmm???

I set it for a few and pondered.

On Saturday I woke up and I just knew what I was going to do. Enter ModPodge, book pages, batting, LINEN and lace.

ModPodge the fittings --- with book pages.

Hand stitch padded Linen sleeves around the pipe. Accent with stunning vintage lace.

And all of a sudden ---- we have a MaggieGrace looking bracelet stand.

Now I know all of you jewelry makers want one of these bad boys.......

The best thing about it --- cheap and easy --- and it comes apart at all the connections so I can change the look quickly if I choose to.

I'm loving it myself.

(PLEASE -- please don't flood my comment section with requests for yours. These are custom made display stands and it may take me a bit to catch up with the demands ---------- *** giggles and grins go here ***)

Have a wonderful afternoon.

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