Monday, March 19, 2012

there is a story......

Behind each of these pictures........

The first one is easy to figure out.

It is "painted toenail" weather in Georgia........

Oh and those are "fresh cut weeds" I am standing in.

I worked on this display over my weekend ---

Nubby linen - a 21 year old scrap (not joking). I was pregnant with Molly when i worked on the original project this came from. Lace from my buddy, Maryann. Book page scraps from making snowflakes. Glue. Handstitiching in the sun in the porch swing. Love that it turned out exactly as I pictured it.

Then there are these ---- buttons. Lots of them. That really is the biggest story. I'll share it in a few days.

 Raesha and Julie - I have not forgotten your goodies. Watch the mail.

Warm wood tones and a serious project the Crusty Old Guy is working on. Key word in that beautiful phrase (working).

You guys have a wonderful day.


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