Friday, March 09, 2012

Speed of Light

Busy - busy - busy.

Been missing in action of late. But I wanted to drop in a few pretty pictures and let you know I haven't complete dropped off the face of the earth.

With picnik going away, I have been playing with the features of editing software.

I like it - I may even upgrade to have more options on this one.

Here are some photo edits.

Right off the camera - double rainbow.

double rainbow after editing --- love the moodiness this takes on

A tribute to a man's life. The funeral procession for Hugh James.

Adding a little vintage color and an old viewfinder mask. (I have fallen in love with the viewfinder mask feature)

Right off the camera at an old house here in athens that is being remodeled --- yes the porch floor is purple AND the body of the house is mint green.

Cropped - color saturation enhanced - blur edges.  This is now my facebook profile picture.

This is the photo above with a grunge overlay. I likes this too.

A different overlay - I may order some moo cards with this image.

I am not exactly a Twilight fan, but this edit seems to give that feel to the picture.

It's almost the weekend --- gonna be a busy one ---- love all.

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