Thursday, March 07, 2013

Alone ---- not lonely

I have ALWAYS made things.

I remember, as a Brownie attending scout meetings at Royston UMC, that the craft badges were the ones I wanted. I remember making pompom critters with the leaders. ( yarn - google eyes - and then we glued them to flat rocks. And the "sit upon" mats to keep your butt dry sitting around a campfire. (these were vinyl wallpaper with newspapers inside. - then we punched holes and whip stitched the edges with rug yarn.) 

I remember sitting behind my Nanny and watching her crochet. That's how I learned. That is the reason that this lefty crochets as a right hander. Nanny sewed too. And she had a sewing room. And there was fabric and yarn and she must have made a million really heavy potholders on that old singer machine. (I still have several of those pot holders - after 30 years of use they look pretty crappy but they still work wonderfully) 

And my mama - cross stitch - sewing - quilting - crocheting - beaded Christmas ornaments. All beautiful. All special. And now my mama has a craft room --- but she sews in her kitchen. Supplies were always available and there was (still isn't) a limit on my use of those supplies.

Then there was my Daddy - as far as I am concerned he could "fix" anything. He was a mechanic. He could weld. And he allowed us girls to "help" him any time we wanted. To this day, the smell of grease and oil and gas brings a flood of emotion to the surface. I actually enjoy taking my car to the shop. 

I remember --- and these memories helped form me. 

I've been reading Robin Brown articles and books. (Take a look at the Magnolia Pearl site) I can relate to her raising. It formed her. 

Ann Wood  is a gifted artist and she is painting a series of "this is where I am from" works this year. Something about that resonated with me. 

It is also my Happy DO year. 

So as part of that - I am reclaiming MY studio space.

The studio is an amalgam of gathered - thrifted - reused - repurposed ---- HOARDED stuff. An old Cotton House - and looked very similar to this one before we started. The center area of it is now my studio and the sheds on either side --- well they are just quite full of stuff.

I welcome others into my world, but right now I am spending a great deal of time there ALONE. 

But I am not lonely. I'm in a very strange head space right now. Heavy decisions being weighed. Suddenly realizing what "empty nest syndrome" really is. Trying to live fully every day. Trying to find a map out of this part of life and into the next one.

My studio is being reclaimed. It is fueling some wonderful creative endeavors. I have pondered life there. I remember there. I pray there. I worship there. I am often alone there --- but honestly I never feel lonely.

And I would love to welcome friends in.

I took a few pictures --- it looks like a mess but really, I need to see my stuff or I forget what I have. 

My work table as I left it last night.

A close up of the stack of vintage Shasheen ribbon. These colors are wonderful.

Hoarding is an issue --- not sure why I fill voids with "stuff" but as I work through this weird mental place, I am finding myself using and not adding to the stash. This is a good sign that progress is being made. I cut squares last night for a baby quilt. The 130 five inch squares made not one apparent dent in the single bag I opened. Oh well -- more will be used at a soon to be announced time. There are more babies on the way. 

Ribbons galore --- got those too. This is only a very small representation.

All those pins (except for the blue one) are gifts from friends. They are stuck through the lace edging and I can grab one when I get ready to wear it. Plus I sure do like seeing them like this.

This is just over my right shoulder when I am sitting at the worktable.

An office mailbox/sorter crammed full of goodies. That white piece leaning there is a scrap of dry erase board. I use it for notes when I am working.

This is behind me when I am at the work table.

The turquoise blue book shelf. I backed the plain plywood back with pages from a boy scout handbook. Catching a glimpse of the pages is fun.

This is way in an alcove just to the right of the ribbon storage.

Another view of the mailbox shelving. Corkboard allows for pinning up goodies. You can see where the trim changes there in the middle --- call it a wrinkle --- does not bother me one bit -

The round thingys (technically accurate term) are actually cookie tins missing lids. I use the lids for work trays (see first picture) and screwed these to the wall. I put duplicate ribbons and and stuff up there> Hey MaryAnn see your little softies --- They watch over me.

 The garland  has a story. As I worked on fabric projects, for whatever reason, I started saving little strips. My version of a rag garland. I keep a string tied to a hook on the fabric closet door and just tie them on as I a gather a handful. When the string gets full. I drape it up.  It's fun to look at the ties and remember the various projects.

There you have it. A glimpse into my little sanctuary.

While I love the look of a beautiful studio design, (this one is beautiful), mine was completed over time and on a seriously small budget. And it honestly it "fits" me flaws, wrinkles, scars and all.

Have a wonderful day.

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