Friday, March 15, 2013

keys to the treasure

The process of reclaiming the studio is so close to being completed. 

As I finish a cleaning / organizing an area or a box or as I bring another box out of the house and put it away, I reward myself with some "MAKE" time. 

So I'm DOing and I'm using. 

Plus -- I got stuff to sell. 

I finished the Lace organizing project yesterday. Then I gathered a few things.

Like those old keys above.

I took my dremel tool (it is one of my favorite purchases ever) with a metal brush attachment and cleaned these up.

Not too clean -- I am pretty fond of that vintage patina.

Above you can see the "after" --- the one at the bottom really is nice.

I also gathered some bits and bobs and some Amazing Goop adhesive.

I made these.


Actually I made 5 --- Missed one in the first picture.

Here are the details

 #1 --- Tiny key with a rhinestone button. This is a little over an inch long

#2 --- Antique silver butterfly charm.

#3 --- A personal favorite a tiny Mother of Pearl Button.

#4 --- Words of advice. The square piece is part of an earring.  I used ModPodge Dimensional Magic to adhere the words.

I am actually wearing the Words of Advice one right now.

#5 --- Octagonal Bling. Also part of an earring.  

A better view of the Aurora  Borealis beads on this one.

Each will be hung on a 20" silvertone ball chain. (Yes I will sell the one I have on.)

They will sell for $15.00 - $20.00.

I hope people like them as much as I do.

But the most important part of this post ---- I am making things in my studio again. It feels so good to be awakening my creative self again.

Have a great weekend

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