Tuesday, October 01, 2013


October 1. Tag number 1 of the 31 days of tags. 

I love words - I love fonts - I love paper - I love embellishing - I am learning to love stash busting.

And the stash  - well it needs busting some more.

I chose my words from the list posted here. Then I randomized the list and made a calendar. 

Last night I die cut my basic tag shapes from solid card stock - tan, white, blue, and green. 

Word one -   PEACE.

Here's the list:

Blue card stock tag base.
A "fussy cut" from a parchment vintage greeting card. 
Pale pink scrapbook stickers.
pale pink lace bit. (2inches of lace from approximately 2000 yards - i won't even miss this) 
A bit of white tulle from the scrap container
A pale pink little bead drop. (I honestly think this was the very last one of these) 
and the hanger is literally the last of a spool of punch needle thread. 

I'm quite happy with this one - and I really can't wait to mount them all for display and see what they look like when I finish them. I rarely keep any of my art, but I think I will keep these and display them in some assorted thrifted frames. Guess what - they are already in the stash too. 

Have a great day and if you are playing along - please let me know.

              use tag #stashtags


or leave a comment here. 

I do know that my instagram friend Patricia is playing along in a photography format. find her at

Have a wonderful PEACE filled day. 

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