Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chicago - a wonderful place to visit, stroll, shop, eat and enjoy. The Artists Cafe right on Michigan Ave across from the fountain in the park. The food was incredible, the service was some of the best I've had and the atmosphere was that artsy boho attitide that I enjoy so much. The lofts upstairs are artists studios and galleries and the coffee menu is to die for. Worthy of a side trip.

CLOUD GATE (right photo) - As we approached I wasn't sure what I thought of this. The latest major art installation in Millenium Park requires close up study to appreciate. Polished stainless steel with mulitple reflective qualities, I was so impressed and spent quite a while taking photos and contemplating where I am in my art as well as in my life. By all means see this if you go.

There are many art viewing opportunities in this city. Every block has some sort of inspiration. The piece shown in the photo on the bottom stopped me in my tracks. Trying to forget was the title. And the description was ... letters from loved ones strewn about after the disaster. This was created from wire fencing, Old letters, fibers, etc. Although the artist was depicting Hiroshima - I could not help but think of Katrina devastation and how everyone must have disasters they would like to forget.

I don't have photos but Tender Buttons On the 900 block of north rush is worth a side trip too. More about this place and my money there in a later post.