Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I'm off to Chicago for my real job. Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. This is one of the shows that HGTV features. Everyone seem to think this is a fun trip, but walking miles through McKormick Place looking at bathtubs and toilets is no longer my idea of lots of fun. I have 26 vendor meetings scheduled and after hours activities as well. Does that sound like fun? I will say that I get to see some beautiful kitchen and bath products.

Hilary from Wee Wonderfuls has been a wonderful source of information for me. I am planning at least a few hours of shopping on Thursday afternoon before all the work activity starts. She asked for referrals for places on her blog and I got a ton of info. Tender Buttons and Discount Fabrics for sure. Paper Source if I have time. I also am going to try and see some of the art installations around town.

Will check back in on Monday when my life gets back to normal.

Have a wonderful weekend.